Cinematic Highlights

Location: Palm Events Center / Pleasanton, CA

Highlight: A wedding inspired by Tim Burton and the couple who made this Once Upon A Time a reality.

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Surprise Documentary / Cinematic Highlights

Location: Westin St. Francis / San Francisco, CA

Highlight: Eat This. Drink That. was a documentary about how Barry met Nancy shown at their wedding as a surprise. In tradition with branding, Ate This. Drank That. is the post wedding recap. "Open Bar" had a new meaning that day.

Ryan & Jodie

Cinematic Highlights

Location: Palm Events Center / Pleasanton, CA

Highlight: It's not everyday we work with a couple who's engagement made it on several local news stations. But rightfully so, we were excited to continue their story and capture one of the most important chapters in their lives.



Cinematic Highlights

Location: Fairmont Hotel / San Jose, CA

Highlight: Sila and Sendur had an extravagant wedding designed and coordinated by Sila herself. Aside from the amazing decor, the most beautiful part of this wedding were the stories told by their families. 


Kevin & Rheonna

Cinematic Highlights

Location: Palm Events Center / Pleasanton, CA

Highlight: Kevin and Rheonna's love for each other is so very evident in the way their famliy speaks of them in the most loving and... honest ways. Their love story will forever be unforgettable to our team and we were honored to be part of their day.

Vutha & Gigi

Cinematic Highlights

Location: Palm Events Center / Pleasanton, CA

Highlight: Vutha and Gigi had a very good understanding of what they were looking for when it came to wedding cinematography. They researched one of my personal influences so it was an honor to have been chosen to capture their special day.


Cinematic Highlights

Location: Palm Events Center / Pleasanton, CA

Highlight: I had so much fun capturing this live event with colorful Lion Dancers, Tiako Drums and even the latest electric BMW's. Thank you Joanie and Tony.

Young & Dee

Cinematic Highlights

Location: San Jose, CA

Highlight: This was the first backyard wedding we've captured and it was a nice personal touch to a very beautiful love story. Thank you Young and Dee.

Phil & KIM

Cinematic Highlights

Location: Carmel, CA

Highlight: An ocean-side wedding on the beaches of Carmel, CA was how Phil and Kim celebrated their first wedding anniversary.


Cinematic Highlights / Save the Date

Location: Palm Events Center / Pleasanton, CA

Highlight: I've known Mina since high school so it was so awesome being a part of this special day for her and Ty. Mina is a talented makeup artist at Bellamina Makeup and Ty demonstrated the most entertaining Garter toss I've seen yet...


Cinematic Highlights

Location: Neftledown / Los Gatos, CA

Highlight: This was practically a high school wedding reunion. It was fun to shoot because these folks were able to show true colors in the presence of friends.