Project Overview

A short web series that explores the importance and power of daily prayer.

This time of silence and reflection is referenced throughout this series as an opportunity for all of us to "Sign Out."

We all have the choice to Sign Out of our daily lives to eventually live this Sign of our commitment Out in the world.

Reference Clips

Happy (Movie) - This is an example of how we can document the subject of prayer using real stories backed up with scientific and philosophical evidence. We might even follow a group of individuals who are giving daily prayer a try and see how their lives are impacted by daily prayer.

The Secret (Movie) - This is a good example of how they explained a topic that is beyond what we can physically see. We can approach prayer the same way and hear how Scientists, Philosophers, Priests, Nuns,  Monks etc. explain the mystical sides of prayerful meditation and how it can benefit our daily lives. Sign Out would be less scientific talking heads and more documentary storytelling of people who's lives were changed through the power of prayer.

Other Ideas to engage and challenge

Distractigone and Unplugged - An example of gadgets and apps that help us "unplug" from our mobile devices. Sign Out could be a similar app or device but with the purpose of bringing people to prayer.

ALS Water Challenge - Sign Out will end with a call to action that will ideally build up enough curiosity for people to try daily prayer.

Rough example of web series outline

Video 1 : Introduce the power of prayer through science, philosophy and theology and show the benefits of prayer spiritually as well as physically. Hopefully this will act as a trailer to the web series and build up enough curiosity to where the viewers will want to know more and give daily prayer a shot.

Video 2 : Teach them how to pray and how to handle the random thoughts in the silence. (River and logs metaphor)

Video 3 : Study of a group of people who's lives were changed through prayer and their real struggles to doing this daily.

Video 4 : Teach how to live out our daily prayer and have some kind of call to action that can be shared.