Origin of the Satake Family Nursery

The Story of Aki and Jim

The importance of community

A Balance of Life and Work

Satake Family History (Edit still in progress)

Creative Brief

A series of video memoirs highlighting the important history

of the Satake family for future generations to remember


Timeframe: 2-4 minutes each video depending on the story

Estimated Completion: To be discussed

look & Feel

Casual / Natural / Intimate

The Memories

Below is a form to help gather the necessary information needed to tell each story.

Supporting Testimony
Supporting Testimony
Supporting Testimony
Supporting Testimony

Reference Videos

This is a reference video to the style and emotion I would hope to capture with each story in the series. This involves heavy B-roll capture which is footage that is placed on top of the interview. 

This is the style of multi-camera production that I think would be most effective to capturing each story.