ToteSavvy commercial

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The stories of real mothers not sacrificing style for functionality.


Timeframe Estimate: Under 1 minute

Production Schedule: Early October, 2017

Post Production Revisions due: October 15th, 2017

Final Edit due: Late October, 2017

look & Feel

High Fashion & Photo Journalistic

Closeup on merchandise

Closeup on merchandise

Use of bag inserts in real world

Use of bag inserts in real world

Mom's with their children

Mom's with their children

Additional Notes

From the brands referenced, Life in Play's narrative is spoken from a mother's perspective to other mothers.
The video will be used in both social marketing and website branding.
The final video premieres before the holidays of 2017. (End of October)
Highligting happy clients of Life & Play may open opportunities to spread the word through their social network.

Reference Videos

High Fashion cinematography of Life in Play's merchandise

Interviews from real mothers who love Life in Play and scenes of how the bag inserts are used with their children.


0-8 seconds - INTRO - Intro of both moms, children and small/large bag inserts.
     0-4 Casual Mom walks by her 6 month old baby in a highchair at the dining table. The infant begins to eat at the bowl of baby food in front of her with a spoon. Mom places her purse on the other side of where her baby is eating and pulls out a small Totesavvy bag insert from her purse. She lays it flat on the table.
     4-8 - Fancy mom walks by her 4 year old playing with toys on the floor. The 4 year old notices mom’s makeup bag. Fancy mom pulls a large Totesavvy bag insert from her purse and lays it on the kitchen island. She then walks past the daughter again now opening the lipstick.
8-46 seconds - PACKING BAGS - First show that the ToteSavvy carries all of the baby’s necessary items and then highlight the personal items.
     8-16 - Casual Mom packs her Small ToteSavvy bag with all of her baby’s needs. (3 items - diapers, diaper cream, baby bottle) Mom glances over at her baby and finds her covered in baby food. Mom packs more clothe and bibs.
    16-24 - Fancy mom finishes packing for her daughter by placing (one item - pull-ups ) in the Totesavy. She then packs for herself with (3 items - sunglasses, phone, keys) and realizes she is missing her lipstick. She glances over at her daughter and find it in her daughter’s hand as well as all over her face. Mom packs her wet wipes after removing one of them and walks towards her daughter.

    24- 34 - Casual mom finishes changing her baby into clean clothes and gives her kisses while holding her. Mom then notices a smell coming from her baby’s diaper. Quick cut to additional diapers being added to her Totesavy bag.

    34-46 - Mom applies lipstick with her daughter in the mirror. They give one last look in the mirror before leaving and mom notices that her bag doesn’t go well with her outfit. She makes a quick swap transferring her Totesavy insert to another purse and gives a final look again. Mom gets her daughter’s approval.

46-103 - HIGH FASHION SHOOT - Glamour shots of the bags in action
    46- 54 - Fashion shoot of Casual Mom pushing a stroller through Downtown Los Gatos. Focus on fashion closeups of the bag in her hand. She pulls out her phone from her ToteSavvy bag and takes a picture of her baby in the stroller.
    54- 1:03 -Fancy mom is taking a selfie of herself and her daughter while they have their fashion shoot stroll through downtown Los Gatos while window shopping.

1:03-1:11 - ENDING
1:03 - 1:09 - Both mom’s and their daughters are sitting together in the grass at Downtown Los Gatos Park.
1:09 - 1:11 - Closing shot of trees above mother’spicnic area with closing logo OR fade to white/black with closing logo.