The music video is officially wrapped at 5AM this morning after I dropped off my DP back home in San Francisco. This was an intense 5 day shoot but I had so much fun and the support that I received from my cast/crew was phenomenal.

Melissa Locsin, thank you for all of the time and emotion you’ve given to this project. You are an incredible actress and it was an honor to have the opportunity of working with you.

Mykha Ram, It was awesome to work with you again. Thanks for shaving your head for this production and enjoy having your eyebrows around bud. Mykha drove all the way from Sacramento to be a part of this everyday so he wins the longest commute award. Thank you Mr. Clean.

Fr. Brendan McGuire had a small cameo as a priest in this project and he was a blast to have on set. He’s over 6 feet tall so the only way we can get him on camera with our other actors is to have him sit… Thank you Brendan for being a part of this!

David Malloure, (AKA Thor) This guy is an incredible DP and I learned so much working with him. Thank you for making your way down from San Francisco to be a part of this. The last couple of days was a breeze as soon as you joined the crew. To find out more about him and his work, you can visit:

Amber Myers, My Crafty/Assistant art director/PA/Assistant Makeup/Woman of my dreams… She filled in all of the areas of this production helping out with whatever she can and I can’t thank her enough. I’m sorry you got a cold from this shoot but I couldn’t have done this without you hon.

David Rengers, you were always there when I needed you. Thank you for your commitment each and every day of the shoot. One day, I will be making David Renger’s books into movies… just watch… To get his latest publication of Ring Dragonz, go here:

Jessica, Thank you so much for all of the time you were on set and providing rides for my crew. Jessica is my little sister and an upcoming filmmaker. I’ll be her production assistant one day when she puts together her movies!

Mina Tran… for never working on a film set before, you were an incredible makeup artist. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much for all of the time you’ve given to making this possible. I would hire you again in a heartbeat! Please check out her webpage at:

Stephanie, Thank you for coming on set and always being such a positive light! You also provided my DP rides to shooting locations and I can’t thank you enough. She also had the important task of teaching Paul Kim how to drive stick shift the day he was driving my car on camera… Both of sisters must have been great instructors since he learned really fast!

Alvin Cura, you are the man! Alvin was my BTS videographer everyday of the shoot and was an amazing Art Director on the final day of shooting. All of the small pieces of hospital gear was provided last minute by him and it looked incredible. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Paul Kim, Thank you for providing the music that inspired all of this to happen man. It was a blast working with you my friend! Paul and I initially had a discussion to do this a little over a month ago. He happened to have a wedding in San Francisco this weekend and we knew this was the opportunity to make it happen. For more of his music, please visit:

And a special thanks to my BTS photographers Xavier Durante and Ryan Bernstein.  Check out more of their work by clicking on their names. They are great guys with a great eye for photography. A special thanks also goes out to Dr. Nancy Le for letting us use your office, Hong at Charlee’s Liquor for letting us use your store during business hours and Mary Stokes at Riviera Terrace Apartments for lending us an empty apartment for the shoot… Lastly, Panera Bread, Pizza My Heart and Safeway… Thank you for donating all of the food we had on set.

Filmmaking is a beautiful collaboration!