Capturing great audio is the main component to great sound design. It doesn't matter if its a music driven piece or a heavy narrative, these are the audio tools used to capture the moment.


Angles, tight spaces and choppy shots dont stand a chance when working with these gadgets. These are the tools that separates armature captures from professional films.


From small projects to big projects, these four different cameras serve four very different purposes. They all have their strengths and weaknesses but in the end, they all serve to capture amazing stills and video.


These lenses serve as the arsenal to capture the beauty of an environment. From macro captures to wide shots, this collection is sure to catch everything my client needs.


While the camera bodies in my collection shoot amazingly well in low-light environments, it's hard to deny a well lit environment in any motion picture. These lights all play a intricate and different role in creating a mood for the viewer.