Creative Brief

A promotional short video highlighting the HOME program of Caminar and
the lives of those who have journeyed from crisis to independence.


Timeframe Estimate: 3-4 minutes

Production Date: October 16th and 24th, 2017

Revisions Edit due: November 1st, 2017

Final Edit due: November 7th, 2017

Deadline: ICWC Event on November 11th, 2017

Next Steps: Editing for first Rought Cut

look & Feel

Natural & Corporate with live narrator

Additional Notes

After serving in the US. Navy during the Cold War, James struggled with mental illness for decades. Unable to find permanent employment while battling his overwhelming symptoms, he often walked for miles to his temporary job sites throughout the bay area and Solano County, living out of hotel rooms.

James also had little consistency with treatment, often left without medications for several months. For the last five years he began living in and out of shelters including several psychiatric ward hospitalizations.

In November 2015 James left his last transitional shelter with no notice. He was found walking along a Fairfield highway, speaking incoherently. The local sheriffs took him to David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base to their psychiatric ward. The shelter said they couldn’t take him back upon discharge. Although he was receiving some assistance by the VA for services, they didn’t have the resources for permanent placement. James was going to be homeless once again. But thanks to Caminar’s HOME program and their outreach efforts, the hospital social worker contacted Solano County’s Caminar office and requested help. A case Manager met with James at the hospital and had him placed immediately at a room and board.

Over the next several months, the HOME program was able to take James to his psychiatric appointments at the VA in Martinez, which helped James progress towards gaining stable housing and community integration. He met with his case manager once a week so he could learn to function in society again. They worked on daily living activities such as grocery shopping, participating in community social activities, and gaining the confidence to take medicines on his own. James even started going to a local senior center three times a week, meeting new friends and finding new hobbies like learning different foreign languages.

Within a year of receiving Caminar services, James’ living skills improved so much that he qualified for living in a supportive housing single bedroom apartment. He has resided there for six months. While this apartment may be considered Spartan living to most, James says this is “the best place he’s ever had on his own.”

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