Sheri Gomes

A Caminar success story

Raw Interview

Creative Brief

A promotional short video highlighting the programs of Caminar and
the lives of those who have journeyed from crisis to independence.


Timeframe Estimate: 4-5 minutes

Revisions Edit due: March 1st, 2016

Final Edit due: May 7th, 2016

Next Steps: (1-21-16) Awaiting for information on each program and client testimonial to highlight.

look & Feel

Natural & Corporate with live narrator

Additional Notes

*Ted Robinson will be highlighted as the on screen Narrator.

*6 Client Testimonials (Cancelled)
-Focus on 2 Client Testimonials

*2 Staff Personel of Caminar (Cancelled March 28th)
-Include Butte County Bike Shop instead

At Apartment:

What moments in your life led you to this point when you decided to commit suicide?

Was there any regret once you made the jump?

Were there any thoughts that came to you once you decided to jump?

What was the first thing you remember after this incident?

For those who might be watching this video, what would you want to say to those who are considering suicide?

How has this moment defined your life purpose today?

At home:

What’s your name and where are you from?

When did you first start noticing that you were in trouble and how did you start recognizing the signs?

How did you overcome your reluctance to seek treatment? How has Caminar been an emotional support for you?

How did you first hear about Caminar?

How has Caminar changed your life?

What coping strategies has Caminar used to help you personally?

What does achieving a state of recovery from mental health mean to you?

How has your recovery given you a sense of purpose both personally and in your community?

What is your recovery plan moving forward to help you maintain this healthy lifestyle?

How has the __ program influences your recovery from crisis to independence?

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