Creative Brief

A video followup to the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.
These are the stories from the AREAA members.

Producion NOTES

Timeframe: 9-10 minutes

Revisions edit due: Early January, 2018

Final edit due: Mid January, 2017

Producion Schedule

September 29th @9am - Fair Housing Act Presentation

September 29th @10am - 6pm - Fair Housing Act member interviews

September 30th @8am - 12pm - Supporting B-roll of strongest member stories


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September 29th

Interviewer: AREAA members / consistent white background




September 29th

Interviewer: Cutaway Shots





Interviewer: B-roll footage of AREAA members and family in front of their home.



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September 30th

Aerial of San Diego and convention center



September 30th

Action shots of B-roll that pertains to each AREAA members doing day to day tasks.




News footage of segregation happening in our country to contrast with the message of unity from the Fair Housing Act.


look & Feel

Documentary / Photo Journalism / Edgy

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Notes from John Wong

Reference Videos

Interview Questions

1.) Can you describe a time in your life that you have experienced discrimination in the housing market? (or during your parent's generation?)

2.) Looking at our current world today, how does it make you feel to still see discrimination?

3.) For the future generations, how would you like to see the Fair Housing Act evolve in the next 50 years?

4.) How does it feel to be a part of an organization that's helping fulfill this purpose of the Fair Housing Act?

5.) If you are a landlord, how do you practice the Fair Housing Act to the tenants that you choose to occupy your home?