Creative Brief

A short film about Paul Thiebaut, the founder of 10 Books a home,
and how his organization not only influences the young lives in his community,
but also his staff.


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Interview: Paul

   - Who is Paul?

   - What is his story? (History of Paul without proper education)

   - When/ Why did Paul decide to invest his time in children of East Palo Alto?

   - How 10 books started.

   -Paul then tells the story of the student and family he is helping.





Interview: Daisy

   -How did Daisy find 10 books?

   -Why Daisy chose 10 books (learning history) 

   -Her connection with the ILM method






Interview in car: Paul

   -Paul gives viewers a tour of East Palo Alto

   -Paul gives a tour on where he started 10 books

   -Viewers follow Paul to a learning "party"

   -Visit where Paul used to live when homeless.





Aerial Footage

   -A aerial view of East Palo Alto as Paul gives us the tour.






Preparation Footage

   -The viewers see Paul getting ready for his day to show that he starts his day like anyone else.

   - Paul gets in his car and heads to 10 books.

   -Paul packs up his car with everything he needs to lead a learning "party."







Paul sharing photos and/or old video to support his backstory / history.




Learning party

   - Indoors at the students home

   - At first, the viewers see Daisya helping 1 child but this builds the reveal of 10 books







Learning party

   - Outdoors at the students home







Footage of Paul's student in East Palo Alto

   - Show a glimpse of the student's/ parent's everyday life.









Footage of picture frames around home to build student's backstory

   -Also search for super hero action figures to foreshadow Paul









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Video Timeline

0-:30 - Who is Paul Thiebaut III? A deep dive into the challenging history that made him who he is today.

:30-1 - Highlight the turning point to his life and how that lead him to create 10 Books A Home.

1:- 1:30 - Introduction to Daisy and her path to 10 books

1:30 - 2.- Brief background on Daisy and her connection to the ILM method while with her student at a Learning Party.

2:-2:30 - What is ILM and why it works.

2:30 -3 - Statistics of the change that 10 Books A Home is creating in East Palo Alto. 

3:-4 - Focus on Why Paul is driven to pursue this dream. (Call to Action that leads to 360 social justice) 


Timeframe: 3-5 minutes

Platform: Social Media Marketing

Production Date: TBD

Deadline Date: TBD

Reference Videos

Additional Notes from Paul Thiebaut

Here's the huge aspects of our story that I think will create a frenzy for 10bh:

  • i overcame poverty after reading my first book at age 23 i only learned about what intrinsically motivated me starting at age 23, which resulting in me going to college, founding a private tutoring practice, and then founding 10bh

  • i used my personal approach to overcoming poverty (Intrinsic Learning Motivation) as the business model for my tutoring practice, and now as the basis for 10bh's ILM Program.

  • we have jaw dropping stories from parents in our program (e.g. did you see what this mom said in the this video? it will go to the timestamp i'm referring to) pediatricians who write prescriptions to 10bh

  • volunteers who went back to grad school because our ILM Method made him realize he needs to be pursuing his interests, not just money) an overwhelming supply of the cutest kids on the planet!

  • our research shows that up to 4 years after graduating our program our graduates are still performing at or above grade level (and, outperforming 47% of CA students in math and 10% in reading)

  • we plan to continue developing ILM Method in order to reach 1 million high poverty preschoolers and families by 2025. We would be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) early childhood education organization in the US at that point

  • and, while we're at it, why not start some ILM schools! We have a new vision for how US education should look - make sure all children can maximize learning about the things they are interested in (one angel investor said about our approach, if ILM was used in schools "we would be on 20 planets already")

summary view of 10BH

  • we're re-imaging how to close the achievement gap: by preventing it instead of closing it. in other words, we believe in making sure children start kindergarten prepared to succeed instead of waiting until they fall behind to help them catch up

  • we address the missing link in early education: working with preschoolers and their parents in their homes. schools CANNOT succeed without support from the home. we empower homes!

  • we are going to encourage education organizations that waits until children are behind to change their mission to getting involved before children are behind

  • we will reshape how society thinks about poverty. not as something to be eradicated, remedied, or cured. Instead, as a group of people with potential who with the right tools will overcome their own poverty (i did it at age 23 without anyone's support so i know it can be done!

  • we will disrupt the entire education system by showing how practical it is to get involved early, work in the home, and prioritize children's interests instead of skill development.